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Unconventional Thinking

I am currently working on a third study that aims to further establish validity of a scale that I have developed which assesses individuals' propensities to believe in unconventional ideas (e.g., conspiracies and the paranormal). I am considering adding another dimension to this validation package that compares people's scores on my scale to their tendency to hold mainstream beliefs or maybe conform to mainstream beliefs. Off the tops of anyone's head, does anyone know of any good scales that measure conformity in thought? Does anyone have any recommendations of other constructs that I should explore in relation to belief in the unconventional? In the first two studies, I have establishing convergent validity with the most widely-used paranormal beliefs scale (Tobacyk & Milford, 1983) and construct validity with some scales assessing personality disorder traits (e.g., Coolidge Axis Two Inventory) and Karen Horney's trait types (e.g., Horney-Coolidge Type Indicator).

I am considering throwing in a measure of locus of control, too, considering that much of the research is unclear about how it relates to paranormal thinking.

Any suggestions?
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