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social_psy's Journal

The Social Psychology Community
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Welcome. This community is designed to be a place for people either actively involved in social psychology or with a personal interest in the content matter. Please feel free to post anything ranging from academic concerns to debate topics to questions about research (historical or more recent). It is also encouraged that members discuss current events as they see somehow related to social psychology. For people new to the community, feel free to share a bit about yourself with the group.

Because this is a psychology community, I do deem it necessary and ethical to reiterate that this is not a place to seek diagnoses and/or therapy. While some of us may be trained to provide such, it is unethical and unsafe to do so through this medium. If you are in need of help, please seek professional, in-person assistance.

Common Courtesy:
Out of respect for the members of this community, we ask the following rules be adhered to when you post:
- Be nice.
- Large pictures, both in dimension as well as disk-space, should be put behind a cut-tag.
- Postings longer than about a screen-full should be put behind a cut-tag.
- Links should always include some sort of description of the content being linked to.
- Postings should be readable. Proof-reading and spell-checking is encouraged.

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