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Why I Became A Social Psychologist

Why did I become a social psychologist?
(Compiled from various sources -- graduate students, post-docs, Dialogue, etc.)

"A very attractive women made many very persuasive arguments" -- Rich Petty

"The experimenter made me do it" -- Stanley Milgram

"It provided meaning and value to my existence and only this was able to prevent me from quivering like a blob of protoplasm at the grim specter of my death" -- Greenberg, Pyszczynski & Solomon.

"Everyone strongly advised me to do otherwise" -- Jack Brehm

"Everyone else did" -- Solomon Asch

"I was forced into it" -- Kurt Lewin

"It's such a pain, it must be great" -- Leon Festinger

"I just like it, I don't know why" -- Robert Zajonc

"We are better than those cognitive people" -- Henri Tajfel

"I was sipping a double espresso while someone next to me was reading about social psychology" -- Stan Schacter

"I watched myself doing it for hours" -- Daryl Bem.

"My mom wanted me to be President and I said no. So then she asked..." -- Bob Cialdini

"Beats women's work And I like the power" -- Susan Fiske

"I'm just the kind of guy who does things like this" -- Lee Ross

"Lee does it because he likes it; I do it because of my circumstances" -- Dick Nisbett

"They threatened to lock me in my office and rip out my tongue with a pliers" -- Phil Zimbardo

"Didn't someone else get a real job?" -- John Darley & Bibb Latane

"I just wanted to finish something" -- Arie Kruglanski

"Damn, I really wish I had" -- Tom Gilovich

"There wasn't a better alternative" -- John Thibaut

"It was the right thing to do" -- Dan Batson.

"My best friend is very bad at it. And everyone in my family likes it!" -- Abe Tesser

"It just sort of occurred to me" --Danny Kahneman

"It struck me as an interesting possibility" -- Hazel Markus

"I was trying to become anything BUT a social psychologist and then I got distracted" -- Dan Wegner

"Reasons? Yes, yes. I can think of reasons." -- Tim Wilson

"At first I wasn't sure. But then I discussed it with a couple of people and boom -- I loved it! " -- Gene Burnstein

"I didn't become a social psychologist. No, really. I didn't. I swear. It was someone else who LOOKS like me. Honest" - -Bella DePaulo

"I saw it as an ideal I ought to live up to" -- Tory Higgins

"I was at a social psychology conference and it seemed like the best way for me to fit in" -- Mark Snyder

"No reason. I really just wanted to and the award was an unexpected surprise!" -- Mark Lepper

"Because I needed to make some copies" -- Ellen Langer

"Someone called on a sunny day and asked what we thought of social psychology" -- Norbert Schwarz & Jerry Clore

"I liked it immediately!" -- John Bargh

"It seemed like a really good idea and not at all like a bad idea" -- John Cacioppo

"I was talking to a social psychologist one day and realized we had a lot in common" -- Donn Byrne

"I thought it would look good on my resume" -- Jim Tedeschi

"I knew I could succeed at it" - Al Bandura

"I always wanted to join a collective" - Shinobu Kitayama

"I stared and stared at it and it just would not go away" -- Phoebe Ellsworth

"Chicks dig it" -- David Buss

"I must have been drunk" -- Mark Zanna.

"Ask Leon" -- Eliot Aronson

"I looked in the mirror and saw the face of a social psychologist staring back at me" -- Bob Wicklund

"I have a theory about how that happened" -- Michael Ross

"The first social psychologist I ever met was a real looker" -- Elaine Hatfield

"Some Yankee said I could not do it" -- Dov Cohen

"Most of the variance associated with this decision is attributable to my perception of the field, but some is due to the field's perception of me and my perception of that perception" -- Dave Kenny

"It made us happy, so how could there be anything wrong with it?" -- Shelley Taylor and Jonathon D. Brown.

"I had heard a lot of good things about it" -- Postman

"I guess there were fewer differences between me and social psychologists than between me and other people in general" -- John Turner

"I thought social psychology would complicate my life" -- Patricia Linville

"Shit happens" - Paul Rozin

"It was a lie I was comfortable living at that particular socio-historic-temporal locality" -- Kenneth Gergen

"First, let's define 'social psychologist' " -- Rom Harre
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